for 10.12.4 how download TimeTracker 1.0

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◓ TimeTracker v 1.0

TimeTracker: Measure your time. Manage your life.
An awesome way to track your time on various activities, understand where you spend your time and even take beautiful reports.
Get started in a single click. Just select the activity you are working on and click start. You can also manually edit the timer if you missed to note the start.
Capture all activities of your life. You can configure all activities of your life, quickly edit an activity, mark as inactive (will not be shown in tracking list) or delete it.
Categorize the activities Mark each activity that you track as Productive (App Development), Personal (Time with Kids), Essential (Commute to Office) or Time Wasters (Casual Browsing) so that you will be able to get better understanding of time spend at the category level.
Your day as a Graph See your life as a Pie Chart and understand how you spend your time and their importance. Also get the total hours spent on an activity and its overall percentage.
Measure your productivity Compare the ratio of your top productive activities in comparison time spent in each category for the time period.
Reports & Charts Get the time report in both detailed and summary format for a time period and activity. Handy for freelancers and others who need to report time. Print, Email or Download report as CSV.
Never miss to track an activity Set up periodic notification which will remind you of the activity that you should be working on or check what activity you are working on to help better track your time.

10.14.2 TimeTracker_ver._1.1_NeRqpO.dmg

to Sierra

Best MacBook Air tMx.3.0.TimeTracker.tar.gz

Recomended Mac Pro TimeTracker_1.3_kENf.tar.gz

Best on 10.12 BMa0KT.TimeTracker.vers.1.2.pkg

on 10.13

Official site:

on iMac Pro HVJER-JUICEBOX-VERS-1.1.1.APP [225 kb] 1.1.4

Best! version [3220 kb] 1.2

New! version version.1.2.2.Negative.TwenD.dmg [4182 kb] 1.2.11

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